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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two Nevada Clinics Indicted in Hepatitis C Outbreak

From CBS News:

"Investigators think they've identified almost all the people who may have contracted the potentially deadly hepatitis C virus at two Las Vegas outpatient medical clinics, a top public health official said Thursday.

"In putting everything together, we've identified 114 cases in total linked to the two clinics," said Brian Labus, the Southern Nevada Health District's senior epidemiologist.

"We still have some analysis to do," Labus said of the tally, which was up from 86 in July, "but we don't expect the numbers to change much."

District officials say nine cases of the incurable blood-borne liver disease are the result of the unsafe practice of reusing syringes and medicine vials at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada and the Desert Shadow Endoscopy Center.

The other 105 people were diagnosed with the disease since becoming patients at the clinics, but could have contracted the disease in other ways, Labus said.

Health officials say those identified with the disease are receiving treatment. Hepatitis C can cause swelling of the liver, stomach pain, fatigue and jaundice. Even when no symptoms occur, the virus can slowly damage the liver."


Wow, w2g clinics!! Reusing needles?!? Yeah, brill idea guys, real fucking clever...

Now that is a class action law suit about to occur.

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