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Monday, October 20, 2008

White Powder Mailed to 10 banks in 2 States

From Denver's

"... [We] learned some bank branches in the Denver metro area were evacuated on Monday after at least seven received letters that contained an unidentified white powder.

"Initial tests show it's not harmful, but it is being sent to a lab for further analysis," said FBI Agent Kathy Wright.

All of the banks that were sent the letters were Chase Bank branches.

No one has been taken to the hospital according to Mary Jane Rogers, JP Morgan Chase spokesperson. She says some bank locations were evacuated, but did not have an exact number.

The FBI has also confirmed it has responded to two Chase Bank locations in Denver, and one each in Centennial, Westminster, Lakewood and Arvada. The FBI says all banks were closed for decontamination as a precaution.

The FBI says white powder was also found at a seventh bank, but did not immediately release the location.

Two banks in Oklahoma City also recieved the letters and another in Norman, Okla. also got a letter.

Denver Fire Department confirmed to 9NEWS that one of the affected banks is the Chase Bank located near Martin Luther King Blvd. and Colorado Blvd.

Denver Fire says an employee at that branch found the powder when he opened a letter.

In Westminster, an employee at the branch near 94th and Sheridan opened a letter just before 2 p.m. on Monday. The Westminster Fire Department says 17 people were held while a Hazmat team tested the powder. A test revealed it was harmless and they were released. The FBI took a sample of the substance.

In Arvada, the fire department says the letter was sent to the branch at 80th and Kipling. They determined it was a type of calcium powder and was not hazardous.

The West Metro Fire Department says they responded to a bank at Colorado Mills Mall.

The Cunningham Fire Department says they responded to a bank at Smoky Hill and Buckley just after 1 p.m. The powder there was determined to be not hazardous and the crews left the scene by 4 p.m.

Lutheran Hospital says its emergency room went into lockdown temporarily on Monday afternoon after two people from one of the banks were taken there to get checked out. The lockdown was standard procedure and only lasted for about 35 minutes while the two people were decontaminated.

Rogers says in addition to working with the FBI, JP Morgan Chase is also working with U.S. Postal Inspection Services.

"We are working closely with (the FBI) to ensure the safety of our customers and our employees," she said.

Rogers says she didn't believe authorities know who sent the powder.

"We take these threats seriously," said Rogers.

First reports of suspicious powder began coming in to authorities at 10 a.m. Monday.


So what is this stuff? Baking powder most likely. A classic case of bioterrorism without the actual bio... the delivery system is the weapon. If it looks like Anthrax, you don't really want to be around if it is Anthrax... So Chase banks are being targeted for what seems to be to me industrial terrorism -- this was obviously not pulled off by one or two lone individuals or angry ex-employees -- so we know it was a well-connected conspiracy that was planned out very well in advance and executed professionally. Hmm, doesn't sound like a bunch of Arabs with boxknives...

Could it be the government? In, possibly, a partisan false-flag operation to paint liberals as crazy radicals (they hate money and stuff, obviously, as ultra-liberal leftists...

Sadly, these days, that kind of theory is all too plausible.

The more exciting story, actually, would be right out industrial terrorism -- wherein one corporation terrorizes another for financial gain. Talk about a hostile takeover...

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