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Saturday, November 15, 2008

H5N1 -- It's baaaack!

From the Philippine news site Philstar:

"Authorities have confirmed that bird flu has been discovered in fowl in northern Thailand.

Director-general of the Livestock Department Sakchai Sriboonsue says laboratory tests have found the virulent H5N1 virus in chickens in Uthai Thani province, 180 kilometers north of the capital Bangkok.

He said yesterday the virus has been found in about a dozen chickens raised in a backyard farm after several died.

The department confirmed a bird flu outbreak Sunday among fowl in Sukhothai, another northern Thai province. It was the first case of the virus in Thailand since January when two other outbreaks were reported."


They can possibly nip this in the bud by banning backyard chicken farms like Indonesia had to do. Hopefully we won't get any human cases this year. Last season was pretty quiet for H5N1...

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