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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tainted milk sickens 6,200 Chinese babies, kills 3

From the AP:

"The government was dispatching thousands of inspectors to monitor producers as officials reported Wednesday that the number of babies sick from tainted milk formula had climbed dramatically to nearly 6,200 from 1,200 a day earlier.

At least three children have died and more than 1,300 others, mostly newborns, remain hospitalized with dozens suffering from acute kidney failure.

Health Minister Chen Zhu said he expected the numbers of affected babies to increase as "more and more parents take kids to the hospital."

The head of China's quality control watchdog agency, Li Changjiang, said 5,000 inspectors will be sent out nationwide to monitor companies after government testing showed that 20 percent of the companies producing milk powder had dairy products with melamine.

The chemical additive was at the center of a pet food scandal in the United States in 2007. An estimated 1,500 dogs and cats died after ingesting a pet food ingredient manufactured in China that was laced with melamine."


This is extremely sad, but also infuriating. Hello, China!! Melamine kills dogs and cats, why the fuck are you putting it in baby formula?! You would think that these rat-bastard Chinese companies would have been shut down and their owners shot in the head and the bill sent to their family. I guess nowadays there's no hard justice in China, just authoritarianism and corruption.

Corruption that is killing babies. Are you happy that your failure to have a real food inspection program is now killing your children, oh government of China? The party of the "people" - that you are killing with your failure to regulate food, drugs, or even air quality.

I'm just so disgusted.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me sick to think about all those poor babies.

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