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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seven Hospitalized in C. Diff Outbreak

The Queen Margaret Hospital of Dunfermline now has a seventh patient added to the list of those infected by the C. Diff scourge. Here's more on story from BBC News:

"The outbreak was discovered after patients at ward six of Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline, fell ill.

They tested positive for C.diff after developing diarrhoea on Friday and have all since been nursed in isolation.

Labour MSP Helen Eadie has called for an inquiry into infection control methods in hospitals after a fatal outbreak in West Dunbartonshire.

Nine people died as a result of C.diff, which was a contributory factory in the deaths of a further nine. A total of 55 others were affected by the outbreak at the Vale of Leven hospital.

In the latest outbreak, NHS Fife said relatives of the ill patients had been urged not to visit to help control the spread.

Ms Eadie, the Dunfermline East MSP, said she was "very concerned" at the latest outbreak."


The article does not mention the type of ward the spread of the disease actually began in... its just mentioned vaguely as "ward six." Like I'm supposed to know what that means!

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