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Sunday, August 03, 2008

At least 15 cases confirmed in E.coli Boy Scouts outbreak

The E. Coli outbreak that occurred in a popular Boy Scout camp in Goshen, Virginia roughly a week ago is still growing. Over the span of a week the number jumped from 9 to 15 confirmed cases of potentially deadly E. coli poisoning.

From the AP:

"Public health officials have confirmed 15 cases of E. coli among dozens of people sickened after attending a popular Boy Scout camp in Virginia."

Also the Washington Post is reporting that 2 boys have been hospitalized:

"The Virginia Department of Health began receiving reports of sick children on Sunday, when boys from about 70 troops returned home after a week at the Goshen Scout Reservation near Lexington, Va., about three hours from Washington. Two of the boys were hospitalized, officials said."

How many is 70 troops? WTF kind of reporting is that? 70 troops? We're not all Eagle Scouts here!
I'm going to estimate roughly 25 children and 3 adults as a "troop." Multiply that by 70 and we have 1,960 individuals potentially infected with E. Coli. I have no idea though because no news reports aren't actually giving out actual attendance figures...

70 troops?! I mean its not like saying "2 US Battalions" now is it?? I mean I can look that up figure out how many individual soldiers they're talking about but this boyscout troop shit is nonsense!

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