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Sunday, August 03, 2008

After suicide, feds consider closing anthrax case

Because any further investigation would lead them straight to the CIA! It's textbook CIA methods,
the execution style, the ambiguity of it all, perfect climate of peak post-911 fear...

Well, anyway, from the AP Report:

"Answers to one of the nation's most high-profile unsolved mysteries are in documents that could be released as early as this week — and help explain how the government chased the wrong suspect for years."
In other words: "The government may or may not release information they have regarding the anthrax attacks."

There's more:

The Justice Department attributed the break in the case to "new and sophisticated scientific tools" that cost the FBI about $10 million. Investigators said the science focused, in part, on how the anthrax strains were handled and who had access to it at the time of the mailings.

FBI scientists were able to isolate strains used in the attacks, and determined they were not as common as previously thought. And that led investigators to Ivins.

Had the same process been available years ago, it would have cleared Hatfill much earlier, according to two people familiar with the FBI investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is not officially closed.

David R. Franz, a former commander of the Army's lab biological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Md., where Ivins worked, said Saturday he thought it was "very important that the FBI present their case against Bruce and not just state that the investigation was over because it was him and he's gone."

Franz added, "I'm concerned about what closing this case without conclusive evidence might do to harm our life sciences enterprise. ... I think we as Americans need to see the proof."

Obviously the guy killing himself doesn't prove his guilt and this "breakthrough technique" sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me... He was a "suspect" in the obviously faseflag anthrax attacks so now they can be lack, "well he was our only lead..." and quiet most of the whiners... It'll probably work, too.

I completely agree with everything Cmdr. Franz is saying. Perhaps if this gets enough attention more information will come out and have possible evidence indicating that this was indeed an inside job.

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