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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Israeli Poutry Worker May Have Bird Flu

Quick blurb from Ynetnews:

"A man suffering from high fever, apparently as a result of pneumonia, arrived at the Bnei Tzion Hospital in Haifa Thursday noon. As the man works with chickens, and the possibility he may have contracted bird flu exists, he was put in isolation.

Health Ministry officials are currently debating whether to run tests for the man to determine whether or not he has bird flu. (Ahiya Raved)"


I think they have no choice but to test him for bird flu, especially if he dies. Meanwhile, three H5N1 deaths have been confirmed in Azerbaijan.

By running the calculations on numbers found at WHO's site, H5N1 has a roughly 55.4% fatality rate. That is, 55.4% of the confirmed cases resulted in the patient's death.

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