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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bird Flu Confirmed in Israel

From Recombinomics:

"I can confirm that preliminary tests showed the poultry died of H5 bird flu but we do not know yet exactly which strain," a ministry official told AFP. Hundreds of dead poultry were found at the Ein Hashlosha kibbutz in the Negev desert east of the Gaza border and dozens more in nearby communities, prompting the agriculture ministry to seal off the area. The above comments strongly suggest H5N1 bird flu has been detected in Israel. The number of dead birds indicates the H5 will type as H5N1 and it will be the Qinghai strain."


Also, Isreal is quarrantining turkey farms:

"Israel's health minister said there is a "reasonable basis for concern'' the illness that has killed a large number of turkeys in southern Israel is the dangerous H5N1 strain of bird flu.

Israel Radio reported estimates of dead turkeys in two communities ranging from 1,600 to 17,000. The Agriculture Ministry was testing the birds but final results of the tests were not expected until Friday morning.

The outbreak, if confirmed, would be the first case of the virus in Israel."


We're still waiting on all the tests of course...

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