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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Anthrax War - Documentary Film Unveils US/UK Ties to South African Apartheid Govt.'s Chemical and Biological Weapons Program

Anthrax War takes a look at "shadow underworld of bio-war research and development". The film sheds light on the largest recorded outbreak of anthrax among humans in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1978, the South African government's Project Coast a Chemical and Biological Weapons program run with assistance from the U.S. and British governments, horrifying tales of human experimentation and mysterious deaths of Bio-weapons researchers, the mysterious 2001 anthrax attacks and the dangers of the modern "Bio Defence" Industry. The film includes an interview with Wouter Basson AKA Doctor Death, the head of 'Project Coast'.

Here's an interview with Bob Coen

Here's another

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