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Monday, November 17, 2008

UK Government to Plant GMO Crops in Secret Military Locations

Certainly under the department of the interior, for food production research, right?

Nope! They are growing them in Top Secret Military Locations In Order To "Thwart Angry Anti-GM Extremists." RedGreenandBlue has the story:

"UK officials are hoping to protect genetically-modified crops from the actions of anti-gm extremists. Opponents have targeted almost all of the 54 GM crop trials since 2000. For example, recently more than 400 potato plants were destroyed on a farm at the University of Leeds in June."


What a perfect cover!!

"Yes, we have to move these GMO crops to top secret military basess so those damned 'frankenfood' nutters won't trample them!"

Well, sounds all and well! But hey, now those crops, all of them, are completely shut off from public scrutiny, and are in the provenance of the military. Which means they have some say in its distribution. Say 2% of those crops were used for military research? What would they be doing?

Possibly developing genetically modified invader species that thrive in commonly used GMO strains of food crops -- Biological warfare -- The cheatgrass that destroys not just farms, but multinational agri-businesses.

Now suppose they manage to develop this "takeover deadwheat" type shit, and some evil traitor sells it for cash?

Well, for one, its now a new illicit bioweapon on the black market for any terrorist organization to chose from and buy with petrodollars.

And secondly, it could very well be the next great plague; not of germs or insects, but of plants, of vile monocultures infecting farmlands -- A Zombie Crop. H.P. Lovecraft considered the idea of this occurring from seeds and spores within a meteorite in his story "A Color out of Space."

And with all these super-hybrids and engineered crops, why wouldn't a weed species genetically adapted to displace them not develop naturally? Now that is a truly scary thought.

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