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Friday, November 21, 2008

FDA backs new MRSA-specific Antibiotic

From the WSJ:

"...The FDA said Theravance's telavancin worked as well as an older drug, vancomycin, in treating the skin infections when reviewing two main clinical studies conducted to examine telavancin. When looking at skin infections caused by just MRSA, the agency said Theravance appeared "numerically" better than vancomycin at treating the infection, but the difference didn't meet a statistical bar showing telavancin was superior..."

"...Later Wednesday the same panel will consider Targanta Therapeutics Corp.'s oritavancin and will look at iclaprim by Swiss biotech company Arpida Ltd. Thursday...."


Wow, exciting! Something as good as vancomyycin! Let's just try red queening Staph till it beats us down and kills us all! There's no mention of the FDA looking at Zevtara any time soon... oh well...

oh the phDA! So sad, so sad.

Also, this is great news for Targanta, so there may be some boost in their stock price, which is currently rock bottom. (that is not financial advice!!)

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