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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Chemtrails linked to Morgellons disease

In case you happen to be wondering what chemtrails are, Educate-Yourself has a nice intro to them here, wherein it is explained:

For [several years now], the military has been spraying the skies throughout America, Canada, and now parts of Europe (including Britain, France, and the Netherlands) with substances that were initially referred to as "mystery contrails" , but later were named "chemtrails" by investigative reporter and author William Thomas.

Its my honest opinion that there is more than enough evidence out there to confirm the likelihood of a chemtrail-like bio-chemical experiment being conducted by several major world powers on their own respective citizens.

Apparently there is evidence to indicate a possible link between chemtrails and Morgellons disease. Io9 quotes chemtrail research activist Carolyn Williams Palit, saying:

Chemtrail activists collect evidence that the chemtrail spray contains not only germs but conductive metals, blood cells, carbon powders, sedatives, nano-particulates, crystalline substances, alumina particulates, barium powders, and a kind of polyethylene-silicon fiber . . . The chemtrail fibers are a kind of infant, “pre-Morgellons” fiber. The Morgellons fibers are more developed, but the fibers are related to the type of nanotechnology that assembles nanowires.

I should note at this point that Morgellons syndrome is a controversial and disputed illness in the medical community. As a medical anthropologist I must say that BioCulturaly it is a disease, since it has been described, but it may be a pseudo-pathology. Its proximate cause and subsequent ramifications for pathophysiology are currently nothing much more than spurious conjecture. From our trusted friend, Wikipedia:

Morgellons is currently not recognized as a unique disorder, so there is currently no list of symptoms or differential diagnosis for Morgellons that is generally accepted by the medical community. Patients usually self-diagnose based on media reports and information published by the Morgellons Research Foundation. Symptoms usually include:

  • Disturbing sensations of insect-like crawling, stinging or biting on or under the skin (i.e. formication)
  • Skin rashes and lesions that do not heal
  • Fiber-like filaments, granules or crystals that appear on or under the skin or that can be extracted from lesions
  • Joint, muscle and connective tissue pain, including fibromyalgia
  • Debilitating fatigue
  • Cognitive dysfunction, including difficulty with concentration, short-term memory, and attention

-- Skin lesions on hand from Morgellons syndrome

So, since most current hypotheses blow hard chunks, here's my personal take: This is a cluster of symptoms that tend to occur together, which is why it is commonly referred to as a syndrome. Usually such disorders have one or ver few causes that create the bodily reactions that manifest in these symptoms.

Now, if chemtrails contain microfilaments, and these microfiliments grow into fibrous subcutaneous cysts that are accompanied by delusions and mental dysfunction, these things must be both toxic to the skin and also when inocculated act as a neurotoxin on the CNS, causing hallucinations and mental impairment. Which means the microfiliments must be coated in a toxin that causes both skin rash and psychological effects.

It is most likely that the microfiliments (or microfibers) enter the bloodstream and subsequently muscle tissue through the open skin leisions they cause. Itching and scratching the rashs and sores will exacerbate this. Seeing as there are no respitory symptoms, it is less likely that the lungs are involved in spreading the microfiliments. If we are to assume that these things are crystaline in nature then they could possibly attract and form larger fibrous like masses as they spread through out the body, apparently lodging mainly in muscle tissue, where they have been previously extracted in clinical settings.

Now we need case studies of people who have been known to have been under heavy chemtrail activity developing Morgellons.

Get crackin'!


Stuart said...
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Stuart said...

Hi ,,My Daughter and myself are illergic to some metals which include : Nickle, fake jewelery and a chenical thats in most saops,smapoos and alike called Laureth Sulfate and propylparraben..It Makes us break out in these tiny but very itchy lessions..I myself have been noticing that at my age of 44 I cant even touch or come into contact with used Engine oil as it is now effecting me the same way ,,most lieky as it has got metal particales in it whixh set off these itches ...Now yesterday and today which were thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd of August 2008 I watched in dismay at a plane or planes that were delivering ChemTrails across the sky ,,from as far as I could see to as far as I could see ..Yesterday which was Frioday My daughter and myself ,who incidently dont live in the same homes but in the same town (Lithgow N.S.W Australia are now itching like crazy and we havn't worn or done anything that would bring on these itches ..I mean we're itching from head to foot, Have sore eyes and are like ,,tied and just want to nap all day ...What I would like to know is what is in these chemtrails these day's thats setting this off on us ..I rang the local Radio Station to see if they'd put a braodcast over just to find out if others in the Town are suffering from the same effects but they declined to do so ...I have yet to call the Hospital and find out if they've had an infux of patients with this same problem but its a weeekend and no one would be there who could tell me but I will be on monday as I want to know if this is all linked ...
I woiuld love to here from anyone else who has encounted ChemTrails and experienced these symptoms ..
Thanks Stuart Lithgow Australia

CareMan said...

Morgellons Sufferer Tells Her Story of Triumph

Hi! My name is Connie and I’m a victim, I believe, of a disease presently known as Morgellons. I have traced my symptoms back to as far as 10 years ago, based on the information I’ve receive from other people that have this infection. I am a 54 year old female. I was born and raised in Nevada. I live, presently live, in Reno. And I have all my family here, I’m divorced and I have one adult daughter. And just to begin my explanation of my experience, I’ll tell you that there’s no one in my network at this point in time that shown these symptoms visually or otherwise. About a year ago, at this time… it was in January, I noticed some little green fibers that were starting to show up on my hands and arms. And I attributed it to disassembling an artificial Christmas tree that I had. I thought maybe it was the remnants or remains of particles from the manufacturing of the tree. Well the symptoms didn’t go away, and they actually got worse. I started noticing that I was more depressed. I have had a problem with what is known as “brain fogging” for many years, but it seemed to escalate at that point of my life. I was having a lot of joint pain... wondering if… why am I having arthritic pain in summer months. I was suffering confusion, frustration… I was tired all the time. I slept a great deal. I napped when I could. I just seemed like I couldn’t get enough rest. About four months passed, maybe five and in May I was talking with a friend and I showed him my arms and said “Look at this!”

In that four month period these lesions had began to surface where the fibers where… where, this fibrous material. Now granted, I could see these with the naked eye. I did not need a microscope. Some of them were curly. Some of them where short. Some of them were a little bit long, less than a quarter of an inch, but they were all green and they were all real. I, at that point collected some samples of them. Put them in a plastic vile. I took them to a dermatologist and she absolutely refused to acknowledge that my little “so to speak”, “matchbox sample” was real. What she told me when she saw these lesions, and at that point they were very bad and I had it up and down the tops of my arms, and I had them at the back of my hands… she keep kind of nagging me and saying “Don’t pick at yourself anymore. Don’t pick at your, your hands”. Well I walked away angry from that particular encounter. A few months later while I was still fighting with this lesions, I went an saw an “Ear, Nose and Throat” doctor, because I was having a tremendous sinus problem where I was blowing a lot of blood and strange mucus out of my nasal area. And interestingly during the… after the x-rays, on the a pre-op visit, he looked at me and he said we’re gonna get in there and fix this deviated septum. And he said were gonna look at this other tissue in there or this other matter. Well this other matter, I’m firmly convinced was Morgellons, and it was, you know, the disease building itself in areas in my body where it could breath and grow which were my sinuses, my throat. I had chronic sore throats. And then a friend of mine… well, this friend showed me… Introduced me to NutraSilver… and at that point I was desperate. I had no other way to turn. I had been to dentists. I had dentists look at my teeth and tell me there was something not right. I’ve had this derma… two dermatologists… I had gone to a dermatologist ten years ago, and I was treated with massive doses of antihistamines. Three different kinds… because I had this severe itching. When we discover when these symptoms probably began, at the onset I had these terrible attacks of itching on my arms and couldn’t wear any heavy clothing. I couldn’t wear any animal knits. Nothing… I mean I was miserable! I went to my family doctor and we thought maybe I was going through the “change of life”, which I wasn’t. They did a test for that. My blood pressure was checked and it was determined that I had a high blood pressure. I’m self diagnosed. There’s no doctor in this area that I can find that is willing to acknowledge that I have this disease. So I… this is all my diagnosis… my opinion. It’s my body, I know what’s going on with it. But anyway up until that point these symptoms just keep building and persisting. What brought them to the surfaced where the lesions were visual, I believe was stress.

I was going through a very depressing, debilitating, personal part of my life. Last, a year ago this last May. And it was then that the lesions started to form, and they were coming out. They were started on the lower part of my arms... and they were slowly gravitating up in my arms. I had them on my hands. I was starting to see a little bit of tunneling, but not much.

And I went to visit a friend one day, and he looked at my arms he says “Wow! I have something I think you need to try.” he says, “Just take this and rub it on your arms.” and so we did… or actually it was, at that point it was just on my hands. And so I rubbed it on my hands, and “My god“… I could not believe it! I had skin and these little fibery things just coming out of my hands.

Out of my palm… the back of my hands. We were both amazed! We were just sat there and watched this for about an hour and we couldn’t believe it. And so we thought well, let’s try this. Let’s try putting it, you know everywhere that I have an open lesion or an area that looks likes its you know it’s been exacerbated by this affliction. So I did, and after several months of using this, and journaling about it and photographing it, I realized that the lesions that I was putting the NutraSilver on… That’s the name of the product that we’re talking about, were healing and I was actually having… I don’t know… matter coming out. I don’t know what you wanna call it. Maybe under a microscope... you might see a parasite or two. I don’t know. Some of it looked like it was moving and live, and I was having many more fibers. I started getting red. I started getting blue. I started getting uh... I mean these things glowed… under a camera eye. Well what we realize is that the lesions I was putting the NutraSilver on were healing, but I was getting new breakouts, new sores in other areas around that. So we realized, or I realized that it was spreading. It wasn’t getting better, it was getting worse! And so we stopped the NutraSilver. I went to a deep depression and thought you know, this was, “Now what am I gonna do?” and...

Then I said to my friend… my colleague… I said “You know? Something strikes me here if the NutraSilver has the effect of spreading or moving this parasite or whatever it is under the skin, what would happen if we tried it internally? Took it orally? If it moves on the skin, maybe it would move through the blood streams and the body and push it out?” And so that was our next motivation was to try that, and in a few words it worked! It was the most phenomenal difference for me in my whole well-being and visual observation of what is going on. We started me with ten drops twice a day… excuse me… three times a day, in water and I tried to you know make sure that I took it at the same time each day, morning noon and night. Within the first 24 hours I noticed a tremendous change in how I felt psychologically. My mind was clearing up. My vision was… I didn’t realize before but it, this was affecting my vision. I was having a lot of blurred vision which I thought was just me because I am severely nearsighted. I started eating better. The lesions began to heal, slowly but they begin heal.

The chronic fatigue disappeared within a week. It was like my whole new part of my life had erupted, and I still need a lot of rest because the symptoms of this disease actually keep me awake at night. There were times when my feet would tingle or I’d get these, uh you know there’s a syndrome out now that they talk about where your legs do funny things and the muscles twitch. Well my feet did that a lot… and my hands as well.

That stopped with the use of the NutraSilver internally.

The depression lifted. It didn’t completely go away because my depression is hereditary. I have since started taking 40mg a day of Prozac and I doing really well with that, but initially I think the NutraSilver did have an effect of my depression. The brain fogging… gone! It was essentially gone. My memory was good. My short term memory was good. You know I was even starting to recall how this disease have progressed over the years when I started learning about how and what other people had. The healing was amazing, and again, I still, it took… the lesions healed quicker with the use of the NutraSilver...
and it took a while because I had quite a few on my arms and I started having them show up on my legs and that started happening when I was using it topically and that’s really when we got scared and realized that you know we better not do this topically anymore because whatever this thing is, its in my body and what the NutraSilver was doing topically was just moving it… and my thought was well if its moves by use of it topically… “What would happen if I took it internally and got it in my blood stream?”. Again we saw amazing results!

The other thing I noticed right away too was my joint pain. I would get up in the morning and I had very little back pain, and now I have none. Oh lets see…in October, September-October of last year.

We decided to do a purge. We came up with the formula with the NutraSilver and decided that, you know, my symptoms not quite all gone away and we wanted to try to possibly see how far we could push this whole thing since what I was doing was working very well on that regular basis. So we upped the dosage and began what I call the “three day purge”, and at that point I started taking 7ml (approximately 150 drops), which is one small little container of the NutraSilver diluted in a glass of water. Very little water, 2 to 4 ounces actually, because we wanted it to get it into my blood stream quickly and absorb quickly. So I started doing that three times a day. On the first day I took my first dosage at about 11:30 in the morning, and twelve hours later… that night… about eleven o’clock… the purge began and it was horrific! It was absolutely horrific! I wanted somebody to be there, and then I didn’t want somebody to be there, because I didn’t want anybody to see me. But I had… I’m gonna call them parasite, because I believe that’s what they were.

They were small. They looked like worms. Very small. Kind of beige-y color. Very wormy looking. They were soggy. I had, initially I had them coming out everywhere they could. Wherever my body had an orifice… my eyes… my mouth… my nose…
and they seemed to be predominant in my nasal, my sinus area. And I realized that they were gonna push out through my skin wherever they wanted to. That they may go to areas of my body where, that had not been exposed to the parasite yet. So I… after the first… What do I want to call it? Not phase? But after the first episode. I waited to see how long it would take this cycle to begin again, and I continue to take the NutraSilver in the 7ml amount, in 2-4 ounces of water, for three days straight. And what occurred is a cycle. These critters have a cycle to them. They’re just like any other parasite.

I would get about a 45 minute break in between, and then they would flair up again and start coming out of my skin… my finger nails… my toe nails. They were coming out of my feet.

So I decided I wanted push them out one or two areas only, and “vector” them as the scientist would say. Push them in a certain direction. So I used a combination of Vaseline and NutraSilver, and began to coat the parts of my body that I wanted to push, to keep the parasite or... creature from coming out of, and it worked! What I did was I pushed them out through my finger tips, my toes, the bottoms and the heels of my feet. My biggest concern was my face, because I could see them tunneling up my eyes. I could see them in the corner of my eyes. You know I was even able to pick them out of my eyes in some point. I could feel them in my ears, and that was another area. And that was a tough one because you can only get Vaseline in there so far. I had to keep my scalp extremely moist because they wanted to come out through my scalp and my… Of course, these little guys like the hair follicles and that’s what they thrive on. For months I had these little curly hairs on my legs, caused by the parasite living off by the follicle. I’m sure. Feeding off of it . But this purge was… It was incredible! I did get some video on it. It would have to be cleaned up in the laboratory to see, but I had them coming out my lips and in corners of my mouth… Flowing. They were spilling out during purge. My feces was loaded. I mean for three days after they purge I was, I could see them in the toilet bowls and I know that its not a very pleasant thing but you need to understand that the NutraSilver forced this thing out of my body and I tried to, I really did try to journal it but it was very difficult. It was very ugly. It was very depressing. It was very hard for me. Doing this video is difficult because I know there’re going to be a lot of people… Maybe even scientist? Maybe even doctors? That will review this video and they’ll laugh at me and think I’m nuts. Well you guys are the ones that are nuts because I’ve been there, I know what this thing did to me, and I know how much it affected my life and changed my life. It completely altered my life to the point that I considered suicide. I didn’t want to have go on living that way. Afraid of going in public that I would break out or that one would come crawling out of my eyes. The fibers were the most phenomenal thing in this purged.

I have the photographs to proved it; balls of fiber with a little body of some kind, a little round jelly like body in them. Almost that had a little eye on it, that almost looked like a camera. Ok? I mean it look like an eyeball with hair on it. And I had those poring out of my scalp. I was finding them on my carpet after the purge. But I did come up with a, you know a crude way of controlling their exit. I wish now I would have collected some sample, but I was in so much pain even as medicated as I was… and I was alone. It was difficult enough having to transform myself from this hideous monster... into the person I am right now. A I have… the before and after photographs... prove my story. This is a real. This disease is real.

The symptoms are real. The NutraSilver, I feel, it gave me back my life! It gave me back my livelihood. It gave me back something that I thought I had lost! Either the disease was gonna kill me or I was gonna kill my self.

I’d like to make a closing comment. I have no need to sit down and make up a story like this. It’s not a make up story. This is a reality. NutraSilver saved my life. It gave me back everything I ever wanted. I’m not making any money by making this video. I’ve asked for the copyright to it, only because I wanted to control where it goes and who it goes to. But I want the world to know what NutraSilver did for me, and “come hell or high water” so to speak, I want everyone out there that suffers from this disease to know that you have my support, you have my love and I will do everything I can to bring you my story, my experience and encourage you to try this product. At least buy one sample of it and try it because it saved my life. I wouldn’t care, you know, how much it cost me or what. Like I said I’m not getting paid to do this. I’ve not been coerced by anyone, I’ve not been asked or given any favors. I just want the world to know that I know there a lot of sufferers of Morgellons out there that have no hope, and hopefully this video will give you that hope.

Zizzo said...

WOW thank you for discovering this out.Sounds like a new conspiracy theory on your hands no doubt. Now have you had any info on high levels of static electricity in anyone? I had all the symptoms and SWORE I saw the little black specs moving and my Dr. looked and said nope just lint fibers, I also explained shiney specs on my skin, along with black ones. My hair litterly became dry and brittle and was falling out more than normal. Felt bites all over me and had scattered rashes and open wounds. My skin now is very very sore and skin won't stop flacking off. I would feel a static feeling on my arm along with a painfull stinginy sensation after it stoped I had the leasions on my skin. My dr said she believs I am suffering from Morgellon's dease. For two weeks I have been so lethargic, loss of appitite I can go on and on. I suffer from PTSD, Anxeity Dissorder. Depression. and Battered Women's syndrome, and then she tells me I'm making bugs up in my head and now feel even lower to know i have another disease. I had recent septoplasty on my nose and now have a staph infection inside of it, I had asked the nose dr. would any of this be doing this to my skin, she replied with a no sorry it won't Later on when I went home looked up on how contagious this bacteria infection is even though it is always carried on your skin. I wish both my dr's would smarten up, not being mean. I made another appt with my reg dr for her to look at my daughter and I's skin. I'm so confussed the symptoms sound like both the infection and disease minus the shiny specs all over skin and static electricty. Any thoughts HIGHLY apprieciated!!
Tricia that is the email I check most:)

Zizzo said...

Ohh forget to also mention last friday I felt confussed weak and was going to pass out, and my skin seemed a little yellowish like mild jaundice. I just can't wait to I at least get one true answer. I rarley sleep anyways and this is causing me to lose even more and haveing a very difficult time to have the energy I want to take care of my 4 yr old. And I don't want her to suffer from this, she has been and seen a lot of things for a child at such a young age. I will keep informed of my next visit and this time DEMANDING blood, and various skin sample to sent to a lab before i have a mental break down!

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