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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Simultaneous Measles Outbreaks in Eugene and Montreal

Quebec already has its hands full dealing with a massive algae problem, now there's a measles outbreak in Montreal:

"The greater Montreal area has 14 confirmed cases of measles, most of them adults.

Dr. Horacio Arruda of Quebec's Health Department says 12 of the cases involve adults between the ages of 22 and 39. Arruda said at a news conference in Montreal today that the virus was likely brought into Quebec by people who were traveling.

The other two cases involved children under the age of five who hadn't been vaccinated.

Arruda says anyone who has symptoms, including red spots, fever, coughing and sneezing, must contact public health officials."

Meanwhile, Eugene, Oregon is also experiencing a measles outbreak, uhm, of... well... two people:

"Lane County Public Health officials announced Monday they have confirmed a second case of measles in Eugene.

A 21-year-old Eugene man was treated at Sacred Heart Medical Center May 26 with a fever and rash after he returned from a trip in Japan. He was diagnosed with measles.

After he arrived in Eugene May 22, he socialized with another Eugene man, also in his early 20s, public health officials said. The second man became infected May 28.

"They partied together the night the first young man arrived here from Japan," said Dr. Sarah Hendrickson with Lane County Public Health.

Betsy Meredith, a Lane County Public Health nursing supervisor, said she fears more people will come down with measles."


So it looks like Japan has some hot hot measles action that our vaccinations just can't handle. I wonder if the Montreal cases originated from someone who visited Japan.

I'm just really curious as to what Lane County Public Health means when they say "socialized" and "partied"... eh? EH?!?


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Allison said...

I live in Lane County, and while I have not been to any of the places that the infected men have been, I think that these outbreaks should teach us all to get out vaccines.

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