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Monday, April 30, 2007

Homeopathic Pandemic Solutions

Homeopathic medicine, in my opinion, can be very effective and has grown tremendously from its original beginnings. I recently got shot an e-mail about a research company/instutute/??? doing pandemic prevention/control research using a homeopathic approach. If they come up with anything you can be quite sure that it's far safer than heroic doses of new barely-tested antivirals.

The research institute is called Molecular Dyne, here's a little bit from their page:


To explore, test, and refine Advanced Classical Homeopathy as it pertains to the rapid treatment and cure of epidemic diseases; To explore, design, test, and implement emergency medicinal mass production, distribution, and treatment protocols.


We deal in continued study and research for the bulk of our activities. Our affiliate lab continually pawns off other science & engineering intellectual property and capacities in restructuring for the MDyne mission. We study, study, study and practice, practice, practice with a big picture and critical emerging technology priority view to things. We try to heal sickly livestock with aggressive, experimental tactics -- sometimes killing them. What we learn there, we apply to tending to pets and humans with much greater precision. Application of our drugs is half the story. Being able to rapidly tend to patients, properly prescribe, properly redose, rapidly train field medics, rapidly produce, and rapidly distribute medicine at local, state, continental, and international levels....that's the difficult objective and nearly Impossible Mission. But, we've implemented a few things. In the meantime, we circulate around, practice our quackery to sharpen our skills, and have squashing Cancer as a hobby R&D interest which also overlaps a bit with the primary mission. "


As it stands I'm actually very happy to hear the homeopathic medicine has started to tackle things other than "migraine relief" and "body cleansing"...

My minds pretty open, considering that the current antivirals aren't working for H5N1 and the only FDA approved vaccine for it is few notches shy of being as affective as Vitamin C.

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