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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Potential Herpes Treatment Deemed Ineffective

From Forbes:

"Quigley Corp. said Thursday its herpes treatment was not effective in treating infections of the eye in an animal model, but that the drug maker's Quigley Pharma unit will pursue other uses for the treatment. The company said animal tests to gauge the effectiveness of QR-435 against Herpes Keratitis, when the herpes simplex virus infects the eye, showed that the treatment did not remain in the eye long enough to penetrate the cells to get to the virus. The treatment has eliminated the virus on direct contact in other studies."


Good news for me, though! I've always secretly wanted to get herpes of the eye so I could wear an eyepatch and look badass like James Joyce. Of course, it would only be fun in one eye, total blindness isn't very badass. I suppose I should be careful for what I wish for...

On another personal note, my family had a one-eyed cat for about 6 years (we named him Jack, of course). He was a black long-haired Himalayan who had Herpes Keratitis, we rescued him from the shelter. Unfortunately about two years ago it finally came back and hit his other eye. Cats, unlike dogs, can't live very well blind. They generally just sit in one place and eventually die of starvation if you don't force feed them. We had him put down; he was the kind of cat who owned the neighborhood and took down both prey and rivals with impunity. We knew that the life of a blind cat was no life for him and knew he did not want that misery. Poor guy.

PS: There's still no major news source reporting the test results of the Vietnamese family... The source I cited might be fake news...

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