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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More on MDR-AB (The T-Strain)

It appears both the US and UK governments have been covering-up and actively concealing the spread of this lethal infection brought back from the current Middle Eastern conflicts. Deadly "A. baum" (Acinetobacter baumannii) apparently goes by many names: MDR-AB, MR-AB, and T-Strain are some that I've found.

It is resistant to most conventional antibiotics. I haven't gotten good material on how it got this way, but e-medicine insists that it is "intrinsically drug resistant." This is a term usually used to describe cancers, not bacteria... It's almost unimaginable that such a pathogen could start out being immune to powerful modern antibiotics.

The strain currently inflicting damage is not endemic to North America or Europe but comes from the soil and water of the Middle East where it colonizes, and I believe this is the type of MDR-AB that is being referred to as the "T-Strain." When it gets into a human host (usually through oral ingestion of the bacteria) it causes a serious and often times fatal respiratory infection. It can apparently colonize almost anywhere, which makes it a serious threat to hospitals and a new addiction to the list of deadly hospital-bread infections out there, such as MRSA, C. Diff and others.

Due to the governmental secrecy, this bacteria has been allowed to spread unabated and will probably continue as long as the curtain of silence is in place. No US news source has covered this and I could only find two UK news sites that have posted articles about this in the past two years. The best source for information about MDR-AB I've found is Marcie Clark's, which I've added to my resources list.

This looks bad folks, please spread this around and hopefully it will get some air time.

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