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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Vaccine Resistant Fujian-type H5N1 Is Spreading

Looks like I scooped Medical News Today, their report on Fujian-type H5N1 was posted today:

"It emerged in China and is spreading in southeast Asia - a new H5N1 bird flu strain which is highly resistant to current vaccines. The way this virus is evolving means our current measures are probably ineffective, according to Dr. Yi Guan, Director, State Key Laboratory of Emerging Diseases, Hong Kong, in a new report.

Dr. Guan, and team, say the new strain is gradually becoming the dominant one in south east Asia. They believe the new strain has started a third H5N1 infection wave in southern China, as well as making headway into Hong Kong, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand. The new strain is taking hold because current vaccines used to protect poultry from H5 infection are much less effective against it.

Several humans have been infected with this new strain, says the report. At the moment it is spreading from rural into urban areas, where efforts to stem its spread will be much more challenging."


Happy Halloween!


doc_maverick said...

what are your veiws on the salmonella outbreak in 18 states??

Do you think bioterrorism is invoved in any of these foodborn illness outbreaks over the last year??

JKS said...

Honestly, I wasn't aware of the salmonella outbreak. Could I get a link to more on this?

I think it's possible these were bioterrorism attacks, but no group has come forward to claim responsibility, which is the standard MO of terrorist organizations.

Or perhaps they're just running preliminary tests until they drop the big one, so to speak.

A coordinated effort to spread any water-borne illness in the water supply of major US cities at the same time would probably be the terrorists main line of attack, however -- now they know exactly how unguarded and open most of our agriculture is. It wouldn't take much to get botulism into a large amount of the US's milk supply.

What we don't need is processing plants that let E. Coli-ridden foodstuffs slip through the radar. That is innexcusable.

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