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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To Set the Record Straight

I realize now that many people don't quite "get" what SuperStrain is all about. They must wonder, am I merely a pawn, peddling fear to keep those who might be active shut away and entrenched? Am I a producer of the culture of fear, am I a consumer, blinded by the party line, or am I delivering something else entirely?

Yes, my posts are hyperbolic. Yes, they largely revolve around fearful topics and come to fearful conclusions. Yes, much of what I say is overdone and overblown. Blogs are nothing if they are not entertaining. But I am not merely here to entertain you. I want you to wake up America. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

I am not a friend of the government, and I am not a friend of those who wish harm to this country I live in. I am simply here to tell you that the government can not protect you. You can not give the government your freedoms in exchange for safety, they have no safety to deliver. Currently, America is choosing to give its liberties away, betting on the chance that doing this will make the world less scary.

We are hoping that our large buildings will not be blown up, that a man with a dirty bomb strapped to his back will be stopped before it goes off, that we can blow nuclear warheads out of the air before they hit us, that we can stop deadly diseases from entering our homes. To guarantee these things is impossible.

The current regime, the Bushites, would have you believe that they are distracting terrorists by making war in Iraq, that they are safeguarding the lines of infectious transmission, that they are going to make missile defense work, and they are going to turn the middle east into our friends. I have no doubt their real intentions are completely different than what they tell the American public day in and day out. They do not want to keep you safe, they want to keep you under their control.

They want to give government hand-outs to large corporations, with huge no-bid contracts. They want to personally make extreme amounts of money and preserve the power structure they have been able to create. They want to keep us guzzling gasoline, they want to keep us running just to stay in the same place, they want us to be over our heads in personal debt so we wouldn't dare attempt to displace the cold corporate world that now exists, and has only existed for a mere 60 years at the most.

But while they struggle to control you and your mind and your wallet, they cannot control nature. Nor can they stop the free exchange of information, and they most certainly cannot stop the things and people that truly threaten this nation.

They have failed to secure 250 million doses of Tamiflu. They have failed to create a health care system capable of handling an emergency pandemic. They have failed to mass produce anthrax and small pox vaccines. In fact they have cut the budget of the CDC and the NIH, our first line of defense against infectious disease, They have failed to keep out likely terrorists. They have failed to free the middle east from theocracy and totalitarianism, they have failed and yet they are still beloved by millions simply because they wrap themselves in the symbols of our nation.

But I am not here to give a stump speech for any political system or party. Ultimately, it is nature that is the ruler of all men. Nature will thin us out when we get out of control, nature may even obliterate us. So yes, I am here to give you fear. But I am not here to make you afraid of the things the establishment wants you to be afraid of: teen violence, illicit drugs, dark streets, rabid dogs, mental illness, gangs, perverts, kidnappers, satanism...

You should not be fearful of these products of society, they are false demons. Fear nature. Fear the swing of the pendulum which shall swiftly destroy all that society has built up. Don't prepare for the dark nameless worries that the media produces, these are the products of the culture of fear -- merely shadows used to lure you into complacency.

Prepare for the collapse of the system. Be aware, be watchful. Learn the skills and trades that will be needed rebuild civilization. Learn how technology works, learn how to make a battery. Learn how to make an incandescent light bulb. Learn how to use a gun, learn how to make your own ammunition, and learn how to stay healthy in a world without hospitals and pharmacies.

Its not the obliteration of society that you should expect, its merely what you should prepare for, if staying alive is something you wish to do. Don't wallow in fear, for knowledge brings you power and power brings you security.

That is what SuperStrain is ultimately about. I am trying to wake America up. We are fed on the mush of processed foods and glossy television and fun diversions, but we have sold our souls to a corporate system that is in the first stages of collapse. If we do not know how to escape it, we will go down with it. You cannot trust Roche, or BioCryst or the WHO or the FDA or the CDC or FEMA. They may provide some help, but ultimately it is only you that can save your own ass.

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