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Monday, October 30, 2006

Migrating Siberian Birds May Carry H591

SpiritIndia has the scoop:

"Brent geese are returning to estuaries and harbours along the East and South coasts. They have flown here from Siberia, so they are under suspicion of carrying bird flu, but there is no serious evidence that they might bring it with them.

These Siberian birds are of the dark-bellied race of brent geese. There is also a pale-bellied race that migrates from Canada and Greenland, and spends the winter in Ireland."


I imagine by "race" they mean either species or sub-species. What matters is, if these birds are carrying H5N1 they are going to be landing in all sorts of places that are not very well prepared to handle it, and biologically they are very similar to Canadian brent geese.

Honestly, I have no idea what Canada is doing to prepare for the possible pandemic. Anyone? I assume they are doing it better than the US, but somehow manage to incorporate lumber processing into the system.

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