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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Irradiation Could Have Prevented E. Coli Outbreak

From CBS Fort Worth:

"Forth Worth business executive, David Corbin, ate a bowl full of spinach contaminated with E.coli bacteria to demonstrate faith in his company’s irradiation treatment process.

Corbin emerged healthy from a meal that he said could have killed someone if not treated with Sadex Corporation’s e-beam technology.

The company recently ran bags of recalled spinach tainted with E.coli through electronic pasteurization at its Sioux City, Iowa, plant where it usually bombards raw hamburger meat with electron beams that kill food borne pathogens.

Corbin said irradiation could have prevented the deadly outbreak of E.coli infections if the FDA bureaucracy had approved petitions to use irradiation for leafy greens and other ready-to-eat foods."


What's holding up the FDA from approving irradiation of such oh-so-wholesome items as organic cow-shit covered spinach?? Its because the crowd that buys that stuff is the same crowd that is terrified of atoms, and the FDA is nothing if not a coward in the face of politics.

ATOMS!! They're shooting particles at my food?!? OMG I will get cancer from these mysterious things that I'm already constantly exposed to!!!

The world would be so much better if it ran on nuclear power and we irradiated anything we consume that was at one time considered living.

Imagine a world where smog didn't exist, global warming was slowing to a standstill, cars ran off of hydrogen and it was safe to eat a hamburger rare.

Give into the dark side, give into nuclear technology! Mwaahaahahahaaaa....

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