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Friday, September 22, 2006

Two More Dead in E. Coli Outbreak

While the FDA thinks they found the source of the contamination, it doesn't help much if contaminated spinach is still out there to be consumed. M&C has the details:

"San Francisco - An E coli outbreak blamed on tainted spinach produce has claimed the lives of two more people, according to news reports Friday.

The victims were an 86-year-old woman from Maryland and a two-year old Idaho boy, who died after eating fresh spinach and becoming infected with E-coli.

The US Food and Drug Administration, in a statement Friday, made no mention of the two reported deaths but said there was an 'ongoing investigation.'

The FDA acknowledged only one death last week related to the E coli outbreak, in which more than 150 people in 23 states have fallen ill."


Personally, I've switched to kale.

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