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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is the E. Coli Outbreak a Bioterror Attack?

While the main sources (the media, the government, the health orgs) are saying that it is highly unlikely the E. Coli spinach fiasco is a bioterror attack, it is of course still a possibility. I frankly discount it, because no group has come forth to claim responsibility.

Others, of course, have different opinions. The Point Rider Republican blog has a post on "Islamofascist Germ Warfare", where he makes the connection between terrorists comming through our porous southern border and the E. Coli epicenter being located near our said porous borders. It would also make sense that no group would claim responsibility for this, seeing as it would alert the US to the fact that their terrorist cell is present in the country.

Fuzing Horizons also makes the very good point that our nation's agriculture is basically completely unguarded (and would be basically impossible to secure them in any decent way). And, as any good germ warfare scholar knows, the most effective measures are the ones that kill the food supply, not the people. However, since America's GDP isn't largely comprised of spinach exports, I don't really think that this was an attack designed to hurt us financially or cause famine - Hugo Chavez may be crazy but he's not an idiot.

So here's what I think: If it was bioterrorism, they would have put anthrax in a milk truck or something, and if it was germ warfare, we'd have an outbreak of madcow or swine flu. E. Coli and spinach just seem like such a ridiculous poor combo that no potential enemy would employ it.

Or maybe that's just what they want us to think...

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