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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Week, Another Indonesian H5N1 Death

This a new one, not the one last one I posted about. This brings the total up to 51 for them. Here's the story from the Sydney Morning Herald:

"JAKARTA: A nine-year-old Indonesian has died of bird flu, an official of the health ministry's bird flu information centre said yesterday, taking the country's death toll from the disease to 51.

The boy died on Friday at a hospital in Jakarta, a health spokesman said. He had suffered from fever, cough, runny nose and pneumonia after he began to get sick on September 13, the spokesman said.

The boy was said to have had contact with a sick bird. Most human cases are known to have followed such contacts.

His death comes after the Health Ministry said on Friday that bird flu had last killed an 11-year-old boy from East Java province last week."


Flu season is rapidly approaching, and I fear the death toll this year is going to explode. It's been mutating all summer, and H2H transmission isn't out of the equation now.

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