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Sunday, May 07, 2006

400 dead dolphins wash up on Zanzibar coast


"ZANZIBAR, Tanzania (AP) -- Hundreds of dead dolphins washed up Friday along the shore of a popular tourist destination on Zanzibar's northern coast, and scientists ruled out poisoning.

It was not immediately clear what killed the 400 dolphins, whose carcasses were strewn along a 2.5-mile stretch of Nungwi, said Narriman Jidawi, a marine biologist at the Institute of Marine Science in Zanzibar.

But the bottlenose dolphins, which live in deep offshore waters, had empty stomachs, meaning that they could have been disoriented and were swimming for some time to reorient themselves. They did not starve to death and were not poisoned, Jidawi said.

In the United States, experts were investigating the possibility that sonar from U.S. submarines could have been responsible for a similar incident in Marathon, Florida, where 68 deep-water dolphins stranded themselves in March 2005."


Just so everyone knows what BS the line the US is putting out about this - SONAR interference can screw up where a dolphin thinks its going and stuff, not make it stop eating and hang out underwater until it dies.

400 dolphins is way too many dolphins to get messed up by some submarine scanner and start heading for the coast. They obviously got sick and yet none of the news reports on this even suggest that.

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