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Friday, April 14, 2006

Anolyte may kill H5N1

From VNA:

Hanoi (VNA) - "The electrochemically activated solution anolyte is likely to kill H5N1 virus, said Vietnamese experts from the Veterinary Diagnosis Centre and the Institute of Environmental Technology.

After successfully conducting experiments on anolyte's ability to destroy the H5N1 virus, these experts also found out that the antimicrobial solution, which has no toxic byproducts and no acute or chronic toxicity when diluted in water, can be safely used as a strong disinfectant agent in breeding farms.

Anolyte, they added, is more effective after breeding tools are scrubbed with soap.

Additionally, anolyte can be produced at lower cost than other kinds of antimicrobial substances such as Virkon-S 0.5 percent.

The Institute has succeeded in manufacturing equipment to produce anolyte since 2001 thanks to technology transferred from Russia.

To date, more than 200 devices have been used in many localities to make the solution, which has been widely used in water treatment, farm produce preservation, aquatic processing and breeding."


This seems to be more of a preventative measure than an antiviral drug, however, it's always a pleasant surpise to find that some cheap old disinfectant takes care of fancy new viruses. Anyone know how bleach stacks up against H5N1? Anolyte sounds far less noxious, I'd much rather be wiping my stuff down with it than a bleach solution in the event of a pandemic.

I doubt drinking it will do anything if you get the bird flu, but the web site I got the header graphic from pushes it pretty hard as a dietary supplement. It kills a lot of free radicals, too, apparently.


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A study released in June 2005 by Sanyo Corp. and Totori University in Tokyo showed that this product can control the bird flu.
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