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Thursday, March 16, 2006

New H5N1 Dog Death

From The China Post:

"A dog has died of bird flu in Azerbaijan, a country on the crossroads of Europe and Asia where three people have already died from the virus, officials said on Wednesday.

"A dead stray dog has been found, and after analysis type A bird flu was discovered. The medical investigation is continuing," said a statement from the state commission tasked with fighting the spread of bird flu. It said the dog died on March 9 in the capital Baku.

It was the first dog reported to have died of the virus in Europe, although Germany has reported that at least three cats and one stone marten have been infected. Austria has also reported cats infected with the deadly H5N1 strain on flu. The disease has hit domestic and wild birds throughout the South Caucasus state."


Since when is Azerbaijan a European country? Wait for dogs in Greece to die or something before claiming 'first dog dead in Europe of Bird Flu.

Still, this isn't exactly good news. Hopefully we can keep our pet mammals from carrying this thing.

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