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Friday, March 03, 2006

Chemotherapy for H5N1?

I snagged this off of MedPage Today:

"Chemotherapy for Immune Disorder Suggested as Avian Flu Treatment:

STOCKHOLM, March 2 - A chemotherapy regimen used to treat an immune system disorder might increase survival of people who contract the H5N1 avian influenza virus, Swedish and Chinese researchers have suggested.

The hypothesis, proposed in the March 2 online issue of The Lancet, is based on clinical similarities between hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) and post-mortem findings in people who have died of H5N1 infection.

The idea has yet to be tested and "might seem to be a substantial jump in therapeutic thinking," conceded Jan-Inge Henter, M.D., of the Karolinska Institute here.

But, he and colleagues argued, a combination of cytotoxic therapy used to treat HLH combined with antiviral and supportive therapy "is worth considering," especially since the mortality rate for people who catch the H5N1 virus is about 50%.

The hypothesis requires testing, but could be immediately ethically justified in patients with H5N1 combined with secondary HLH, they wrote.

HLH is characterized by an excess of both histiocytes and lymphocytes. The disease is associated with hypercytokinemia, cytopenia and acute encephalitis. The cause of death in HLH patients is often sepsis with multi-organ failure."

Alright, I have to admit that the headline made me laugh when I read it. Chemo for the flu is kind of like using an elephant gun to kill a spider. But reading the article I realize its a really nifty idea the way it came about. Not to mention, if it works than thats actually really cool. Instead of just watching people die who fail to respond to Tamiflu, doctors can try at least try something else. Although, I'm not quite sure how easy it is to get chemo done in the places where most people are dying from H5N1.

All in all, new pathological findings are always good.

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