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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Carlyle Group Invests in Bioweapons?

A recent speech by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney posted on the website makes some interesting allegations concerning the Carlyle Group and their connection to supposed bioweapons research companies. In it the Congresswoman states:

"Finally, I canĂ¢€™t leave this discussion without mentioning the Bush family portfolio and the fact that Carlyle is currently investing in bioweapons labs, satellite communications, and the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us against. Just dial Carlyle when the next disaster strikes."

A quick browse of Carlyle's holdings by industry doesn't reveal any in the "biowarfare" sector, so a quick google for "Carlyle Group" + "bioweapons" leads me to the company DynPort, a subsidiary of DynCorp. This company produces vaccines and runs biodefense labs. That is, they don't make weapons - they do things like develop bacteria that eat nasty chemicals like sarin gas.

The more interesting holding by far is the aerosol company Sprayway which they bought in 1998. Nice, covert, automatic aerosol deployment capabilities are the hallmark of any decent bioweapons project and if Carlyle Group was primarily a biotech company I might be concerned, but they own a fuckton of other companies too. While the possibility to develop bioweapons is there I doubt Carlyle is activily developing them, seeing as they are a financial company and not a weapons manufacturer.

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