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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Vietnam: Bird Holocaust Begins

How quickly can they kill all of their birds? That appears to be the goal of new Vietnam policies aimed at stemming the Bird Flu pandemic. It will most certainly destroy one thing: the poultry industry. How does Vietnam plan to compensate the businesses blindsided by a strong central government?

"Hanoi poultry farmers said they get compensation of 15,000 dong ($0.95) for each destroyed duck, which cost 40,000 dong to raise."

A Buck a Duck, it seems. Wow, thanks for this awesome opportunity to try to keep from dying this winter, is what I would be thinking in such a situation... I don't know, though, it just might be worth it for the massively mechanized slaughter of an entire Familiae (Anatidae). The video footage of piles upon piles of burning duck corpses is kind of like a special tribute in itself, no?

If this sort of thing was possible why wasn't it done a month ago? I don't understand the delay, you Commies! This isn't some sort of Peter Benchly novel, this is real life! Don't fuck around when you have scaled out contingency plans like this, start killing birds!!!

^. . ^ - And then feed them to the Pigs roflerofleroflerofle......

Oh yeah, and some wacky super-silly Korean science dudes are TESTING A VACCINE ON THEMSELVES! Fortunatly for all of us;

"The Vietnam-produced vaccine samples are now in the hands of the World Health Organization for analysis prior to the human test."

What does the WHO have to say about these vaccine samples? Well I couldn't find anything about them on their website... oh well, this one is on the backburner I suppose.

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