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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thai Child Infected with Bird Flu

From CBC:

A baby in Bangkok has tested positive for avian influenza, while China confirmed a fresh outbreak of the deadly H5N1 viral strain among birds.

Paijit Warachit, director-general of the Thai Department of Medical Science, said on Saturday that the one-year-old boy probably caught the virus by playing with chickens that later died.

He's the first human case in Bangkok since the strain re-emerged among birds there a month ago.

Bird flu killed 13 people in Thailand in late 2003.


You'd think that Thai parents would keep their children from playing with chickens, but apparently they don't think H5N1 is a serious concern. Well, now they should definitely know better, and it's sad that something like this is necessary to drive some sense into people.

People of Asia: Stop playing with birds!!

This comes right on the heels of the report that the young and healthy are the most susceptible to the strain. This is shaping up to be exactly the same type of situation present in 1918. Sad sad sad. I'll keep up on this story, hopefully the kid pulls through.

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